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NFL Denver Broncos

Stupid Broncos Fans Facebook Stupid Broncos Fans Youtube Stupid Broncos fans started in late 2013 after years of driving around Denver and noticing that virtually every Denver Broncos fan was too stupid to put the logo on their car correctly. So I started taking pictures so I could share the stupidity with the world! You’re welcome! In the future, I’ll ... Read More »

Stupid Brocos fan #025

NFL Denver Broncos

Check out this Dodge truck, this driver really loves coexisting and the Denver Bronocs.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a clue how the Boncos logo is supposed to look.   Which is odd, because this sticker is huge.  Like, enormous.  You’d think if you were a big enough Broncos fan to buy the biggest Broncos sticker you could find, you could put ... Read More »

Stupid Brocos fan #024 – Missing Jaw Edition

NFL Denver Stupid Broncos Fans

Wow, this one is a doozy, a real work of horribly misplaced art. The Broncos logo is tilted way back, and even worse, it’s poor jaw has been ripped off. The horror! Considering the Jesus bumper sticker, maybe he did it out of jealousy. After all, the Broncos logo is way higher and quite a bit larger than the Jesus ... Read More »

Stupid Brocos fan #023

NFL Denver Broncos

Here’s another Christian (well actually, I guess they’re a double Christian, since there are two fish on the car) that is also a Denver Broncos fan. And since we’re calling them a double Christian, let’s call them a TRIPPLE Broncos fan, because there are three Broncos logos on the car. I guess we know which is more important in their ... Read More »

Stupid Brocos fan #022

NFL Denver Stupid Broncos Fans

Here’s a clean looking Jeep that is clearly a really big NFL Denver Broncos fan. Such a big fan that they’ve even added a sticker to show how much they love the Denver Broncos. Only one problem, they put the sticker on wrong, just like every other fan in Denver. I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy or a secret ... Read More »

Stupid Brocos fan #021

Stupid Broncos Fans

I just about didn’t see this one. I was driving along, enjoying some nice fall weather when something wrong caught my eye. The logo was small, but unmistakably sideways. I pulled out my camera and snapped a pic just in time. I’m not sure if it’s a sticker or it’s and emblemn inside the cab, but I do know that ... Read More »