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Stupid Broncos Fans Facebook Stupid Broncos Fans Youtube Stupid Broncos fans started in late 2013 after years of driving around Denver and noticing that virtually every Denver Broncos fan was too stupid to put the logo on their car correctly. So I started taking pictures so I could share the stupidity with the world! You’re welcome! In the future, I’ll ... Read More »

Stupid Broncos fan #048

Stupid Broncos Fans

The driver of this Hyundai Sonata has a Denver Broncos license plate.  With the Denver Broncos logo clearly shown right in the middle.   You would think they could put the logo on correctly, right?  Wrong.   Titled it way back like the poor horse is in it’s final death throes instead of charging forward like a, well, like a Bronco.   ... Read More »

Stupid Broncos fan #047

Stupid Broncos Fans

This GMC pickup really has no idea what the Denver Broncos are.  I mean, judging on how horribly he screwed up the logo, I’d be surprised if he even knows what the NFL is.   This is pretty bad.   Straight up staring at the sky like a blind dying horse.   At this point I don’t know why this continues to ... Read More »

Stupid Broncos fan #046

Stupid Broncos Fans

Take a look at this giant Ford Explorer XLT.  Looks pretty clean, with the glaring exception of the Broncos logo lazy slapped on crooked on the back window.   Does the driver of the car just not care?  Do they not know what the Broncos logo is supposed to look like?  I don’t think we’ll ever know.  But it still surprises ... Read More »

Stupid Broncos fan #045

Stupid Broncos Fans

This Nissan Murano is sporting a awesome Broncos logo vinyl decal perfectly placed on the side of the vehicle.  Just kidding.   This thing is tilted way back and seems to be sporting a bigger overbite than normal, but maybe that’s just my imagination.   Maybe they’re putting it on the side of the vehicle to hide their shame.  Who know?  Just ... Read More »